During the last few years, many beautiful coins have been issued by Finland. Fanatic collectors purchase their favorite Finnish euro coins at Eurocoinhouse! We offer you special coins, whether you want to buy coins that can be used as means of payment, or commemorative coins that were made solely for collecting. You will find everything you need in our online store. Ordering on our website is easy, and we guarantee a safe paying environment for all our customers. When we’ve received your order, we will deliver your coins as soon as possible. Take a look at our assortment and see everything we have available in stock.

Complete your collection

Are you looking for single euro coins from Finland, colored 2 euro coins, complete sets or special editions? You came to the right place! A wonderful example of the beautiful coins we have in our assortment, is the 2 euro coin from 2013 that celebrated the birth of Frans Eemil Sillanpää, 125 years ago. We do not only offer you the regular version of this coin, there is also a colored version available for you. Both coins are real gems for coin collectors! Ofcourse you will also find several complete sets, containing high quality Finnish euro coins.

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Select a category, a quality standard or a fabrication year at the top of this page, to find exactly what you need. You can also enter a name or a product number. Is there anything you need when it comes to Finnish euro coins or coins from another EU country? Please let us know! We can provide you with information, advice and ofcourse assistance when you are looking for a coin that is not available in our online store. We will always try to help you the best we can.