On January 1st, 2002, Dutch people officially started paying with the euro. The national side of the Dutch coin shows the image of king Willem Alexander. Every year, Holland is allowed to make two of their own special euro coins. In 2015, one of the developed coins is a commemorative coin with the European flag as its central theme. As you’ll see, there are many Dutch euro coins in our assortment that have different values. For example, we have beautiful coins that are worth 5 or 10 euros. At Eurocoinhouse, you will find all the Dutch euro coins that were made. You can buy BU sets (Brilliant Uncirculated), UNC sets (Uncirculated), special 2 euro coins from Holland, colored 2 euro coins, Proof coins and regular single coins. What do you need to complete your collection?

Many special euro coins from Holland

All euro coins have a European side and a national side. The European side has three variations, all designed by Luc Luys. Every participating country is responsible for designing their own national side. Are you looking for a special euro coin from Holland? Look no further! On this page, you can select the items you need to complete your coin collection. Examples of beautiful coins are the ‘Gouden Koningsmunt’ that was made in 2013, and the ‘Geluksdubbeltje’ from 2012. Place your order today!

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When you buy euro coins at Eurocoinhouse, you never have to worry about the safety of your personal records. We always guarantee you a safe online paying environment, no matter which payment method you choose. Is there a product you can’t seem to find in our webshop? Please contact us for more information, because in many cases we can still help. We know many suppliers and companies in the coin industry and we are always happy to help our customers!