The history of family business Eurocoinhouse

Eurocoinhouse: the story of our success

In 2002 the euro was introduced as the common currency for the Netherlands and many other countries in the EU. That was also the moment our son decided to collect euro coins. He did this in a very clever way: he searched through his mother’s wallet on a daily basis. A few months later, he had collected the coins of nearly every EU country. The only coins that were still missing, were the rare 1 ct and 2 ct coins from Finland. Fortunately, one of our contacts had these coins for us to buy. Unfortunately, they were much too expensive in our eyes. We went there anyway and mother Marja decided to buy a number of the Finnish 1 ct and 2 ct coins. Hans had his doubts: who was going to pay more money for a coin than it’s original worth? To our surprise, the coins were sold to friends and classmates within just a few days. This turned out to be the starting point for the business you now know as Eurocoinhouse.

Visiting fairs with our coins 

People starting asking us whether it was possible to deliver entire series of a certain country, for example Finland, Ireland or Portugal. Ofcourse this was something we could do. In 2002 we went to a coin fair for the first time, and we made our first big sale. Our hobby started to grow and grow as we also went to bigger coin fairs in Belgium and Germany. After a few years we decided to ‘cut out the middleman’ and go abroad to buy the coins ourselves. This became an immediate success. In 2005 we became an official company.

Working our way up, together

Eurocoinhouse is currently focussing on the bigger coin fairs, especially in the Netherlands and Belgium. We are a real family business, which means everyone can pitch in when help is needed. We have all the knowledge and experience you may expect from us, and more. One of our big priorities has always been making sure our website is up to date, so we can help our customers in every way. But, late in 2014, we made the decision to improve our website even more. It was time for a new corporate design, new logo’s and a fresh start. Ofcourse the website itself had to be improved as well, making it more accessible on mobile phones and tablets. We hope you are happy with the results!

Loving what you do

Our son’s hobby transformed into a family business: who could have imagined this, all those years ago? We process about 20.000 orders a year,  and we travel over 80.000 kilometers a year to buy high quality coins. You will find Eurocoinhouse on the internet, but we’d like to assure you this: we are a family company, with real people who simply love what they do. We hope you feel this when we communicate with you. If you should ever have questions, about our company or the coins, don’t hesitate to contact us!