On January 1st, 2007, Slovenia became a member of the European Union. The first Slovenian euro coins were made in Finland, because Slovenia didn’t have a coin company of their own. After that, the Slovenian coins were even made in Utrecht for a while. As you can see on this page, some wonderful items have been made so far. Ordering them at Eurocoinhouse is easy to do! We buy our coins directly from the manufacturer, which means we don’t have to charge you any unnecessary costs. Take a look at our assortment and order your favorite single coin, 2 euro coin, colored coin or complete set!

Expand your collection with beautiful coins

What are some of the showpieces from Slovenia you can buy in our online store? We would love to show you! A lot of the Slovenia euro coins have spectacular images on them, that really give them a unique look. A great example of this is the Barbara van Celje coin, a special 2 euro coin made in 2014. The official occasion behind making this item was the 600th anniversary of the coronation of Barbara van Celje. She was a progressive and very influential person back in her day, especially when it came to international affairs. The Barbara van Celje coin is available both colored and regular. Take a look at the products on this page for many more beautiful colored coins.

Simplify your search

At the top of this page, you can select a category, fabrication year or quality standard to find the item you were looking for. Is there a certain product you need, that isn’t displayed on our website? Please let us know! In many cases we can still help you get the right coins, because of the many suppliers and companies in the coin industry we know.