At Eurocoinhouse, we buy all coins directly from the suppliers. This means that all our products can be offered to you for favorable prices. Are you looking for euro coins from Latvia? All you have to do is place your order here and you will have them delivered to you within several days. On January 1st, 2014, the euro was first introduced in Latvia. Before this moment, the Latvian Lat was the official currency. In our assortment you can find several different euro coins that were made. Even though the euro coin hasn’t been around that long in Latvia yet, already a few beautiful commemorative coins and colored 2 euro coins have been issued. Would you like to add these to your collection? Take a look at the products on this page and place your order today!

What can you find in our online store?

A great example of a special euro from Latvia, is the Latvian 5 euro coin from 2014. This coin was issued because of the 150th anniversary of the Ainazi Nautical School. 5000 of these were made. Another spectaculair item we have for you is the ‘White Book’. This product has a different shape and images than most coins. It was made in 2014 and is worth 5 euros. Click on an item and you will instantly read more about its weight, value and more.

We help you expand your collection

Is there a Latvian coin you can’t seem to find in our online store, or a product from another EU country? Let us know! Because of our many contacts in the coin industry, we can often find you the items you need. Of course you are also welcome to contact us when you have other questions or remarks.