Everytime an impassioned coin collector is able to add a special coin to their collection, their day gets a little better. To contribute to this happy feeling, Eurocoinhouse offers you a wide range of high quality Lithuanian coins. Coins you can buy for favorable prices! We buy all our coins directly from the suppliers, which means we don’t have to charge you any unnecessary costs. Isn’t that great? Are you looking for Lithuanian euro coins too? Take a look at the items on this page and expand your coin collection. You will find that the Lithuanian coin assortment is smaller then our other collections. That is because the euro did not become the country’s official currency until 2015. That doesn’t mean the coins are any less beautiful or special, you will see!

Ordinary, special and unique!

this page you will find different euro coins from Lithuania. Of course you can order the entire set of ‘regular’ currency, but how about something a little more special? For example, the very first special coin that was issued in Lithuania? 500 years of Grand Duchy of Lithuania is its theme, and it has a value of 50 euros. This item will definitely be an awesome addition to your collection. Of course, we also offer you many other single coins, complete sets and accessories.

Our customer service

Are you looking for a certain coin that isn’t displayed in our online store? Don’t worry, just let us know! We know many suppliers in the coin industry, so in many cases it is still possible for us to find you the products you wanted. Whether it’s coins from Lithuania, or from another EU country. You can always reach us by phone or by e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you!