Maybe you didn’t even know this yet, but Vatican City has issued beautiful euro coins in the last couple of years. At first, Vatican euro coins were rare, because they were made in limited numbers. Sadly, because of economical reasons Vatican City was forced to start using these coins as means of payment. This meant that they would not have the same value as before. On this page in our online store, you will find all there is to find when it comes to Vatican euro coins. We offer you regular single coins, commemorative coins and luxurious sets containing high quality pieces. At the top of this page you can select a certain category, a quality standard or a fabrication year. It’s also possible to enter a name or product number, to find exactly what you’re looking for.

World Family Day and other themes

In 2015, a special coin was issued by Vatican City. The theme of this coin was World Family Day. Pope Francis has spoken about the importance of family multiple times this year, including at the World Family Day celebrated in Philadelphia this late september. The special coin shows two families, each with a different ethnical background, embracing the world together. In our assortment you will not only find this amazing piece, but also many other commemorative coins and unique sets.

Any requests?

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