Attention, collectors! At Eurocoinhouse, we offer you a very wide range of euro coins from all EU countries. Including Ireland! On this page, you can view and order the several Irish euro coins we have in our assortment. For example, you will find a number of special sets, containing high quality coins. There are also single coins available for you, that have been issued for a special occasion. Are you looking for a special euro from Ireland, that will help you complete your collection? Or do you have a special connection to Ireland and do you simply love to collect Irish coins? In both cases, Eurocoinhouse has the right products for you.

Easy ordering

Euro coins from Ireland are easily ordered in our online store. For example, we offer you several colored 2 euro coins, but also beautiful single commemorative coins that are delivered in a special container. It’s even possible to buy complete sets from this country! We would like to make finding the right coin a little easier for you. That is why, at the top of this page, you can select a fabrication year, category or quality standard. Ofcourse you can also look for a certain name or product number. When you click on a specific product, you will get more information about the weight, materials and quality of the coin.

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

Are you looking for a certain euro from Ireland (or from a different country) that you can’t seem to find in our online store? Please let us know, so we can help you search! We know many people and suppliers in the coin industry, which makes it easy for us to locate specific items. Whatever you might need, there is a good chance we can help!