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The bedspreads of Castelo Branco and more

Have you ever come across coins that were inspired by bedspreads before? No? Then we have something special for you to see. In 2015, a Fleur de Coin set was made (very high quality) and its theme was, as you know, the bedspreads of Castelo Branco. Castelo Branco is a region in the east of Portugal. Since the 13th century, many beautiful bedspreads have been made here. What’s so great about this set, is that the coins are embedded in a sort of postcard. This means you could write something on the back if you wanted. ‘Bedspreads of Castelo Branco’ contains every Portugese euro coin, from the 1 cent coin to the 2 euro coin from 2015. Of course you can buy many more other coins from Portugal in our online store.

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