Euro coins glossary

When you are a collector of euro coins, or when you are planning to start collecting them, you will come across many collecting terms online. The meaning of these terms isn’t always explained very well, in our opinion. So, we would like to do something about that. On this page, we give you clear and detailed explanations of the euro coin collecting terms. Is there a term you would like us to clarify, or add to the list? Let us know via our contact form

Brilliant Uncirculated (BU)

Brilliant Uncirculated coins, also known as BU coins or BU sets, are the first coins that were made with a new coin stamp or press. These coins are made for collecting and you will notice they are shinier than coins that are meant to pay with.  

Circulation quality

These are the euro coins that are actually meant to pay with. People carry them in their wallets and the coins will travel from hand to hand, which usually means they can be quite damaged.  

Fleur de coin (FDC)

FDC stands for Fleur de coin. This is one of the highest quality standards when it comes to coins. The condition of the coin is near perfect, like it was just pressed. You can surely imagine that these coins are shiny and that they are to be handled carefully. FDC coins are really popular among collectors.  


Proof is the quality standard that indicates the highest possible quality. The euro coins in this categorie were made to look better and shinier, using several different techniques. Proof coins are delicate and can easily be damaged. Handle with care! 


Prooflike coins are quite similar to proof coins, except for the fact that other techniques were used in the process of making the coins look better. Also, more coins are made with the same stamp or press.  

Uncirculated (UNC)

Uncirculated coins are coins that were made as means of payment, but that were never officially used. UNC coins often are slightly damaged and will often be packaged in a roll, so collectors can buy more at a time.  


Ofcourse there are also quality standards for the much older coins:
  • good (Dutch: G)
  • very good (Dutch: ZG)
  • nice (Dutch: FR)
  • very nice (Dutch: ZF)
  • Beautiful (Dutch: PR) (of these five terms, this one represents the best quality)