Before January 1st, 2009, the Slovak koruna (also known as Slovak crown) was the official currency in Slovakia. From the moment the euro became the official currency, many beautiful coins were issued. At Eurocoinhouse it’s possible to buy different single coins and complete sets, not only from the first few years but also from the recent years. All the products you find in our online store, are available for favorable prices. This is because we buy all our coins directly from the manufacturers. We don’t have to charge you any unnecessary costs! Take a look at the items on this page and place your order today.

Only the highest quality is good enough

In our online store you will only find high quality coins and accessories. How about the Slovakia proof set from 2009? The ‘proof’ qualification means that these are high quality coins and, as you can imagine, very valuable. Several techniques have been applied to make the coins even more better looking. This also means the coins are fragile and that damage is easily inflicted. But trust us, it is worth having these items in your collection! Are you looking for something a little more ordinary, then there are many colored coins in our assortment as well. The perfect use of color makes the coins look truly unique!

Missing a product? Let us know!

Are you looking for an item that isn’t displayed in our online store? Maybe a product that was just sold out, or that hasn’t been included in our assortment yet. In either case, we would like to advise you to contact us, so we can help you find the right coins. Because we know many suppliers and companies in the coin industry, it’s easier for us to help you.